Six North Designs, a family-owned business in Millgrove, Ontario, welcomes you. Explore the artistry of our handcrafted one of a kind  black walnut charcuterie boards, live edge woodworking and custom welding shop, where each piece reflects the legacy of family dedication. Discover a unique blend of nature’s elegance and skilled craftsmanship that defines our commitment to timeless creations.

At Six North Designs, our commitment to live edge furniture and custom welding is unwavering. We meticulously preserve the raw, organic beauty of live edge wood, seamlessly integrating it with precision welding. This dedication ensures that each creation not only embodies craftsmanship but also stands as a unique expression of enduring beauty and strength.

Our collaboration with you is at the core of our creative process. We prioritize your vision, working with you to craft stunning pieces. Whether it’s live edge wood, custom welding, or any unique project, our collaborative approach ensures that each piece is a personalized masterpiece that resonates with your style.

Let’s build together. Whether it’s crafting beautiful charcuterie boards, custom wood and steel pieces or bringing metal art to life, we are ready to transform your vision into tangible, enduring creations. Let the collaboration begin, shaping a space that reflects your unique style and personal touch


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